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The twentieth chapter of the Darwin's Game ~Flag Game~ novel.


Despite being pulled by the tentacle wrapped around her left ankle, Rein pointed her Skorpion at Fuli and began firing, though the bullets didn't seem to have any effect as the man didn't give out a cry at all. Abandoning the empty gun, she tried cutting the tentacle using the dagger on her right thigh, though that also didn't have any effect as Rein lacked the strength to cut through it. She noticed that Fuli had transformed his other hand into a blade, realizing that he planned to drag her closer and impale her, causing her to use Laplace to try to find a way out but didn't find any.

Regardless, Rein continued to attempt to cut it, and while the sign of death drew closer, she didn't feel fear, believing that the recklessness of the other Sunset Ravens members had affected her. She thought about what the others would do in her current situation, nevertheless Laplace still couldn't find a way out. She knew there was no logical way for her to survive, causing her to decide to change the premise of her logic.

Fuli coldly watched as Rein continued to attempt to cut through his tentacle. There were only three meters between them and he knew that she'd be within striking distance in a second. He had spent a long time training his sigil, and as such he didn't think that Rein could affect him in any way. Due to this, what happened next was caused by Rein being lucky rather than Fuli being careless, as Fuli had forgotten that luck could decide one's fate on the battlefield.

Ignoring Fuli's tentacle, Rein aimed her dagger at the wire trap instead, sending electricity through her body and Fuli's. Although the electricity affected her body more than his, their resolve was different since Fuli wasn't expecting it. He cried out in pain at the sudden shock, causing his tentacle to loosen from Rein's ankle, and the tentacle, having lost control, hit other wire traps, sending even more electricity through his body. Fuli fell to the ground but forced himself back up, noting that while he had suffered severe injuries, it wasn't fatal. He saw that Rein was collapsed and unmoving, making him wonder if she was still alive or dead, but decided that it didn't matter if he finished her off, transforming his tentacle into a blade. He aimed at Rein and thrusted the blade forward, though at that moment moonlight unexpectedly shone upon his face, and a second later a black torrent pierced his body.

Shuka had decided to enter through the 7th floor window, knowing that Rein would decide to fight in front of the flag room. Once she removed the iron plate off of a window, she immediately shot four chains at him, piercing his shoulders, heart, and forehead, pinning him to the wall. Being attacked at his vitals caused his body to shrink, reverting back to his true form. Despite his appearance, Shuka was still wary of him, especially since she was confident that he was the one who killed her parents. Keeping her eyes on Fuli, she asked Rein how to kill him, causing Rein to complain that Shuka was working her hard, though she still mentioned that it'd be best to have Sui come, advising for her to bind him for the time being. At that moment, Fuli mentioned that it'd been a long time since he'd had to expose his true self, prompting Shuka to wonder what kind of organism he was, mentioning that she believed cockroaches were more discreet than he was.

Fuli himself recalled who Shuka was, and upon transforming into her father, he used his appearance and voice to catch her off guard. Her surprise at seeing her father's face caused her to momentarily loosen control on the chains, allowing Fuli to break free and jump out the window to freedom. Just as Shuka was about to follow, she heard a noise behind her, and saw that Rein had collapsed onto the ground. She noticed blood spreading out beneath Rein, causing her to rush over and shout her name, though Rein didn't respond.