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Chapter 1 (第一章) is the second chapter of the Darwin's Game ~Flag Game~ novel.


On the roof of the building, Rein spent one point to search the area, with the app telling her that there were no enemy players within a 500 meter radius. She wiped the rain off of her sniper rifle and put it away, noting that she needed to overhaul it when she returned home. Checking that her Skorpion vz. 61 was in her coat, she hurried down the emergency staircase on the outside of the building.

Down below, Rein met up with Shuka, who was standing in the rain at the spot she killed the enemy player, and pointed out that Shuka had killed too many people as they had decided on letting some of them escape. In response, Shuka told her that the man who Rein shot was enough, and upon learning that there weren't any enemies around, she stated that she'd go home. As Shuka left into the sky, Rein noted that she was strong because humans weren't used to tracking fast upward movements with their eyes. Once the alarm for the end of the game sounded, Rein sighed, feeling like she'd been sighing a lot more ever since she'd been partnered with Shuka.

On her way back to the Sunset Ravens base, Rein recalled why she was partnered with Shuka. To improve coordination within their clan, they had experimented with shuffling individual roles around. She then began thinking about herself, about how her job as an information broker allowed her to survive, and how she still kept her information network up using the clan's abundant money. Upon reaching a hill, she noticed the people hypnotized by the Darwin's Game app returning to what they were originally doing. She knew that the people who were hypnotized had no memories while they were under its effects, and even didn't realize that they'd been hypnotized at all. At that point, she felt her phone vibrate, and saw that Kotori was calling her.

Rein headed to the location specified, which was a fast food restaurant near Shibuya station. Kotori energetically called her over to her table, causing Rein to complain, as a Darwin's Game player announcing their presence was only a risk, though Kotori simply told her that there weren't any players that would risk picking a fight with the Sunset Ravens. Seeing that Kotori was acting the same as usual, Rein pretended to leave so that she'd get to the point. Kotori told her that she thought she'd gained information on someone Rein had asked her to look into a long time ago, asking for half of the reward until she was able to confirm it, however Rein agreed to give her the full amount for the information.