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The nineteenth chapter of the Darwin's Game ~Flag Game~ novel.


After Kaname and Ryuuji left the Twin Head Shark building the day before the Flag Game, Wolpe, a new member of THS, approached Wadatsumi, suggesting for them to attack Shibuya during the next Flag Game. Wadatsumi was angered by Wolpe's conceited suggestion, and when Wolpe brought up his acquaintance in Black Lotus and the fact that the Sunset Ravens stole weapons from them, Wadatsumi simply told him it was Black Lotus' fault for being suckers. Despite this, Wolpe continued to try to convince him, and while Wadatsumi told him that his suggestion was logical, it wasn't how THS did things. Deciding that Wolpe wasn't fit to be a member of THS, Wadatsumi expelled him and told him he had an hour to pack up and leave.

As Wadatsumi made his way to the door, Wolpe challenged him to an encount battle. Immediately, Wadatsumi turned around and activated Shark Bite, using his right arm to bite off Wolpe's head. However, to his surprise, he saw that Wolpe wasn't dead and that Wolpe's hands had turned into blades which had pierced his heart. Once Wadatsumi died, Wolpe retrieved his head, reattaching it onto his body like a plastic model. Hearing the commotion, the members of THS rushed into the room, only to find Wolpe disguised as Wadatsumi, who told them that he'd just killed a stupid newbie. "Wadatsumi" asked them to gather everyone once they cleaned up the mess, telling them that he wanted to talk to them about the upcoming Flag Game.

In the present, Shuka flew through the air using her sigil, not slowing down at all as she killed enemies she spotted along the way. She was travelling faster than she expected, nevertheless she wondered if she'd make it in time, though she was confident that Rein could survive for three minutes, and she began thinking about her.

Since Shuka was true to her emotions, someone like Rein who was always calm and didn't let her emotions show would instinctively make her cautious. If the two didn't have Kaname in common, they most likely never would've joined the same clan, and Shuka initially thought of Rein as someone insignificant who she used because she was an information dealer. However, her way of thinking began to change following her loss to Kaname. Shuka knew she'd been careless, nevertheless she believed that she would've lost either way as Kaname used everything he could to win. Shuka had previously believed that the stronger fighter would always win, but Kaname's fighting style affected her, making her wonder if those who were truly strong were people like Kaname.

After she changed her way of thinking, Shuka began to view Rein differently, and became accepting of Rein's methods. In addition, she didn't dislike Rein's transparent flattery and the fact that she didn't waste time with pointless rhetoric. She thought that it wouldn't be a bad idea to listen to Rein for a little while longer, which was more than enough of a reason for Shuka to put herself in danger to save Rein. After 2 minutes and 30 seconds, she arrived at the Ravens base, noting that the door had been broken open. She hesitated for a moment, wondering if she should enter through the broken door or the roof, but then made up her mind, jumping with all her might.