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The seventeenth chapter of the Darwin's Game ~Flag Game~ novel.


Due to the Sunset Ravens' initial response going well, Rein almost relaxed but quickly focused herself since the fight wasn't over. She knew that Sui and Souta's ice walls wouldn't hold up forever, and she was especially worried about the fake Kaji, who she hadn't seen on any of the security cameras. Turning her attention back to the map, she saw Yayaren retreating after being surrounded by Kaname and the others, causing her to order Shuka to go after them while having the rest of the group defend point B which was the northeastern flag.

Kaname and the others reached the enemies near the northeastern flag 20% faster than Rein expected and began dealing with them. Once they finished, she asked what clan they were from, to which Ryuuji answered that they were Black Lotus members. Rein then asked about "Kaji", prompting Ryuuji to tell her that he wasn't there, however there wasn't any way to know for sure since he could change his appearance. Just as she was about to make her decision on what to have Kaname's group do next, she saw a shadow on a camera and noticed four people hiding in the shadow of the building across the street from the Ravens main base.

The four players were using the hide cloak item to remove themselves from searches, and upon using Laplace to analyze the data from the camera on the roof, she realized that they were Wadatsumi and three other members of Twin Head Shark. Knowing that she wouldn't be able to deal with them, she asked Shuka to come back to help her, and transferred command to Kaname since she would have to deal with the four invaders until Shuka arrived. As she descended using the elevator, Rein checked over her equipment, which included the Skorpion vz. 61 she was holding in her right hand, three magazines, three flash grenades, and the frag grenade in her coat pocket, and a dagger in the holder strapped to her right thigh.

Rein checked the security camera footage again, watching as Wadatsumi's group broke through the security shutter and entered the building. She got off the elevator on the 2nd floor, locked it using the master key to prevent the enemies from using it, used the hide cloak item, and removed the safety from her submachine gun.