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The sixteenth chapter of the Darwin's Game ~Flag Game~ novel.


Ryuuji and Sui had placed the Sunset Ravens clan flag in the basement of the small building they had bought and fortified. All of the windows in the building were changed to bulletproof glass and doors that led outside were replaced with thick steel ones. Although the changes could deal with guns, they wouldn't do much against explosives or sigils with power similar to explosives, which was why Rein came up with the plan to use Sui and Souta's sigils to defend their clan flags across the entire Shibuya area.

At the fortified building, Sui sat down at the top of the stairs to the basement and asked Souta to help her. Souta complied, albeit complaining that she was still dependent on him, and began freezing the flooded basement. In order to protect the flags, Rein had Sui flood the area around the flags, then had Souta freeze it, encasing the flags in a wall of ice. Although Rein and Shuka dismissed the idea that Souta existed, Sui believed that the Darwin's Game had brought his soul back based on the fact that she and Souta had separate Darwin's Game accounts.

On the 2nd floor, Ryuuji looked out the windows to check for enemies while he waited for Souta to finish. Around 5 minutes later, Souta arrived on the same floor, informing Ryuuji that he'd finished. Ryuuji acknowledged his existence, prompting Souta to mention that Ryuuji didn't think he was made up, to which Ryuuji reminded Souta about his sigil. Souta then asked about the enemies, with Ryuuji telling him that there weren't any around the building they were in because Kaname and Shuka were dealing with them, causing Souta to mention that it'd be an easy win.

However, Rein contacted them and disagreed with Souta's opinion, informing them that the enemies had blasted open the door to the building with the northeastern Shibuya flag using C4. Unconcerned, Souta asked about the Ravens base instead, prompting Rein to tell him that her searches hadn't detected any enemies yet, most likely because they thought the main base would be firmly fortified. She then asked them to head 500 meters northeast to deal with 4 enemies, adding that they could catch the enemies in a pincer attack if they headed out now since Kaname and Shuka were in the area.

At the Sunset Ravens headquarters, Rein let out a sigh and looked at the map. As she watched, she saw Ryuuji and Souta's markers head north, and if everything went well, defeating those 4 enemies would most likely force Yayaren to retreat. Switching to the hidden camera at the northeastern base, she saw that the enemies that had blown the door open were expressing their frustration because they were unable to get through the ice. At the southwestern base, the enemies that were attacking weren't prepared to break open a thick steel door, and consequently they began fighting with another group of enemies that arrived later, causing Rein to reaffirm her belief that the enemy players weren't working together.