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The thirteenth chapter of the Darwin's Game ~Flag Game~ novel.


After gathering her resolve, Rein used Laplace on herself, letting herself sink all the way to the bottom of the sea. Although she could fully analyze all sorts of information when she was in her current state, staying too long that far deep into Laplace would make her lose her sense of self, potentially leading to her becoming mentally disabled for life. Nevertheless, it was worth taking the risk to use Laplace on herself, as being in this state allowed her to shut out outside noise, ignore physical limits, and potentially transcend her own knowledge and thought process.

Knowing that she couldn't waste any more time, she reaffirmed her goal, which was to win tomorrow's Flag Game with the other members of the Sunset Ravens and finish taking over the entire Shibuya area. She'd come up with and shared a basic plan with the others the day before, though "Kaji" worried her, and she knew that he'd be their worst opponent in the Flag Game. As she analyzed the existence of the two Kajis, she wondered why she was desperate to come up with an answer, noting that it was unlike her. She then realized that she didn't want to lose the other Ravens members, who she considered to be her valuable companions, and while it was unlike her, she didn't consider it to be a bad feeling.

In the dining room, Shuka hugged Kaname from behind and invited him on a date. Kaname, who'd been drinking his after lunch coffee with Ryuuji, turned around in surprise, mentioning that tomorrow was the day of the next Flag Game. Ryuuji gave her a reproachful look for interrupting their discussion about the Flag Game plan, nevertheless he averted his gaze when she glared back at him. Lately, she felt like she was stressed, and decided that letting the man she loved spoil her was the thing to do in times like these. Since they had already decided on a plan for the Flag Game, Kaname agreed to her date request, which was to watch a movie that she wanted to see. While Kaname left to prepare for the date, Shuka began looking up movies at their local theater. She talked to herself while she reviewed the movies, prompting Ryuuji to comment on the movies she was looking at, though she ignored his "advice", considering him to be annoying. A short while later, Kaname returned with a coat and asked her what movie they were going to see, which she told him, and said movie was a movie Ryuuji considered to be bad.