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The eleventh chapter of the Darwin's Game ~Flag Game~ novel.


After resolving herself, Rein went to the recreation room and found Kaname and Ryuuji there with grim looks on their faces. They had apparently been playing nine ball but couldn't get into it because of what they were worrying about. She asked them what they were concerned about, prompting them to ask her if she was okay and thanking her for using her sigil to help them during the fight at the warehouse, though their train of thought soon returned to "Kaji". Kaname and Ryuuji were unsure if the dead Kaji was the real Kaji, as they had received a message from the dead Kaji the day before, which they showed to Rein.

The message criticized Kaname and the Sunset Ravens for betraying him and stealing the goods, ending with Black Lotus declaring war on clan. In addition, there were two problems that arose because of this; the first was that they had no idea how a dead Kaji sent said message, especially since players were unable to use other players' Darwin's Game apps, and second, a copy of the message had been posted on the public channel for everyone to see. Although other players were currently doubtful of the message, it was still beginning to affect the Raven's negotiations with other clans. While Kaname and Ryuuji discussed their strategy for the next Flag Game, Rein thought about the dead Kaji.

Due to the message, they no longer knew if the dead Kaji was the real Kaji, though the fact that there was a dead body still remained. As she thought about it, she connected the stab wounds on the body to Shuka's request to find an elderly man with a sigil that could transform his fingers into blades, causing her to unconsciously mention Fuli's name.

She then thought about her clan, going over each of the members and their abilities, but wondered if she was worthy of being part of said clan. She blamed herself for the predicament during the battle three days ago since it'd been her plan. Although she had Laplace, she wouldn't be able to gain that much information, not to mention the concept of Laplace's Demon had been scientifically disproven. Her weapon was Laplace, an imitation of Laplace's Demon, and the one fighting was a cowardly girl that prioritized running away. She knew that their chance of winning was slim, nevertheless she resolved to fight her own battle of analyzing data and finding a way for the Ravens to win.