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Prologue (プロローグ) is the first chapter of the Darwin's Game ~Flag Game~ novel.


At dusk, Kashiwagi Rein waited on a rooftop with her sniper rifle and a raincoat, ready to shoot at their opponents who Karino Shuka was herding toward Shibuya Station's southern exit. Although it was raining, she was more concerned about the chill rather than her view, as she could use Laplace for support. The Sunset Ravens were currently in the middle of a clan match using the flag game rule, which involved defending a flag bought from the store to claim an area as clan territory. The Ravens had already claimed 3 of the 4 Shibuya areas and were fighting the clan Hate Bears over the fourth.

Soon after, Rein saw two men running out from the station and readied her rifle. During the 20 minutes that had already passed, their opponents had apparently been reduced from 10 to 2, and the two men that were running were frequently looking back over their shoulder to check for Shuka. Using Laplace, Rein shot the first man in the shin, causing him to fall. The second man tried to help him up, though his hand was impaled by Shuka's chain. He tried to shoot Shuka but was finished off before he could do so by the other half of the chain which went through his mouth.