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Evilest Evolution Association (最凶進化同好会) is a clan founded by Ieiri and led by Oosako at Sudou Kaname's school.


The clan was founded by Shirogane, who was disguising himself as Ieiri. He manipulated the members, especially Oosako into working for him, with the latter claiming that he was repaying a favor. At the time of Kaname's visit, the clan had 12 members. It is unknown whether the clan is still active considering Shirogane no longer works at the school and Kaname and Shuka attacked 3 of the members, though Oosako considers himself to still be the clan leader and an active member.


Name Sigil Status
Ieiri Unknown Unknown
Oosako Lightning Eel Active
Tabata Shigeo The Spinner Unknown
Unknown Member Heat Bug Unknown
Kumata Rikiya Bear Muscle Unknown