Hardness (金剛(ハードネス)) is the sixth episode of the Darwin's Game anime.



Anime DifferencesEdit

  • Shuka tells Kaname why she participates in the Darwin's Game.
    • In the anime, she learns about the Darwin's Game through her parent's phone, while in the manga she is tricked by a player later on.
    • In the anime, Fuli notices Shuka, while the manga doesn't mention it.
  • Because Tagonaka Yukimasa doesn't appear in the anime, the diamond ring spawns in the hotel instead and is claimed by Rein and Ichirou.
  • Sui claims that the Darwin's Game will give you whatever sigil you wish for.


  • Shuka and her efforts to try and track down her parent's killer is covered in the Flag Game novel.


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