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Gemstone Mine (渋谷(ジェムストーンマイン)) is the second episode of the Darwin's Game anime.



Anime Changes[]

  • Kaname and Shuka's discussion about Darwin's Game is adapted differently, and anime-original scenes are added. He gets the notification about the event after leaving Shuka's apartment.
  • Kaname and Shuka's date is expanded with anime-original scenes. As they didn't appear in episode 1, Yukimasa and Sakaki don't keep track of them.
  • Inukai and Rein's conversation is expanded.
  • Shuka and Rein have an anime-original deal.
    • This deal is later revealed to be Shuka looking for Fuli. However, according to chapter 3 of the Flag Game novel, Rein forgot about Shuka's request due to lack of information until Kotori found a lead for her, while in the anime she is shown to be working on finding him.
  • Kaname tells Inukai about his cell phone before Shuka interrupts their fight.