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Sunset Ravens (血盟(サンセットレーベンズ)) is the eleventh and final episode of the Darwin's Game anime.



Anime Differences[]

  • Kaname's speech about the Darwin's Game is extended.
  • More is shown of Inukai and Keiichi's fight.
  • Shuka arrives while Kaname and Ryuuji confront Wang. In addition, Kaname shoots Wang's disappearing body.
  • The rest of the Sunset Ravens arrive along with Inukai.
  • Kaname and Shuka have an anime original scene, followed by one about the Sunset Ravens where they discuss the clan.
  • The scene showing the Sunset Ravens stopping clans from trying to plant their clan flag in the Shibuya area is expanded to include all of the members. In addition, the members all wear black clothes to symbolize a raven.