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First Game (初陣(ファーストゲーム)) is the first episode of the Darwin's Game anime.



Anime Changes[]

  • Hamada replaces Hiroyuki as the one to send Kaname the Darwin's Game invitation.
  • When someone uses a sigil, their eyes glow.
  • A butterfly is shown whenever a player dies.
  • Because he is still alive, Hiroyuki helps Kaname fight Banda-kun. However, he dies from a stab wound in the parking garage. In the manga, the police officer helps Kaname escape from the station.
  • Katou is removed and is replaced by a man who enjoys the Darwin's Game.
  • Tagonaka Yukimasa and Sakaki don't visit Kaname's apartment.
  • Rokko is removed and Shuka visits Shibuya before meeting Kaname.