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Enri (エンリ) is a lieutenant colonel from World Line O.


Enri has long hair which he has tied in a ponytail, along with a single horn at the top of his head. He wears a uniform top with a belt, shorts, and a long jacket that stretches past his knees.


As a lieutenant colonel for World Line O, Enri carries out his duties faithfully. He dislikes things that he feels are bothersome, threatening Sudou Kaname and the others that he'd kill them if they caused trouble. He also collects weapons from dead enemies, informing Saiha that he'd obtained 10 of the guns they'd never seen before, but refused to hand them out to soldiers because they didn't have enough rounds.


Tesso (鉄鼠): Tesso allows Enri to remotely control weapons, whether they be his or his opponent's, and can float by standing on a shield affected by his sigil. His sigil also affects bullets, as shown when he blocked Long Tao's Void Walker from reaching him.

Equipment: Enri carries along a number of weapons which he uses with his sigil, such as sabers and shields.