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Emulator (エミュレーター) is one of the Guards and was the leader of the Greed attacking the Out of Range Village.


Due to his ability to copy the appearance of those he kills, Emulator takes on numerous forms. As Saeki, he keeps his eyes closed and has dark colored hair that's bunched at the top of his head and shaved near the neck. As an unnamed guard, he has spiky light colored hair with the bottom half behind shaved and dark. As another guard, he has short hair and a shaved beard. As an unknown woman, he has medium length dark hair. As an unknown man, he has short light colored hair with the bangs split in the middle. As Wang, he has medium length hair tied into dreads and the black lines on its arms. In all of these forms Emulator wears the Out of Range Village guard uniform consisting of a dark colored shirt and pants.


As a Greed, Emulator believes himself to be a "superior species" compared to humans and mocks them, such as mocking humans for being mentally weak when a guard lost focus due to being burned by acid. He refers to humans as "cattle" and states that humans should obediently let themselves be eaten. He is shown to be interested in strong sigils and desires them, as he decided that he wanted Kaname, Danjou, and Suzune's sigils upon seeing them.

Unlike his fellow Guard Witch, Emulator is more laid back and lax about things, such as using normal speech instead of the Greed information synchronization until he was told to do so to prevent information leaks, which he attributes to his low synchronization ability because he is a sigil specialization type. He is shown to tease Witch about her dislike of him using Wang's manner of speech.


Greed D: As a Greed D, Emulator has command over other Greed such as Greed S. He is able to absorb the sigils of others by stabbing his fingers into the victim's head, though it unknown if that is a Greed D ability or because he is a sigil specialization type.

Sigil: Emulator is shown to have or use several sigils, most of which are taken from others:

  • Jagged Surface (接着技師(ジャギードサーフェス)): A sigil stolen from the guard Saeki, it enables Emulator to control the friction of metal, preventing opponents from firing guns.
  • King of Crag (磐根の王(キングオブクラッグ)): A sigil stolen from the guard at the Out of Range Village dam, it allows Emulator to manipulate rock, which he used to impale opponents. According to him, it has a bad consumption rate but is powerful, being able to destroy a building and kill the more than 20 guards inside.
  • Bomber (爆弾魔(ボマー)): A sigil mentioned by Emulator which presumably enables him to cause things to explode.
  • Rule of Dryad (樹海の主(ルール・オブ・ドライアード)): A sigil stolen from an unknown woman, it allows Emulator to manipulate vines, which he used to capture Suzune.
  • Limited Eternal (限定された不滅(リミテッド・エターナル)): A sigil stolen from Itta of a different world line, it strengthens Emulator's physical abilities and grants him regenerative properties, allowing him to survive having a fourth of its head blown off. However, he cannot use the sigil while being attacked, as Kaname was able to stop him from using the sigil by firing at him.
  • Beelzebub (虚空の王(ベルゼブブ)): A sigil stolen from Wang, presumably of a different world line due to him being killed by the Sunset Ravens in World Line N. It allows Emulator to manipulate space, which he used to easily cut through Danjou's Wall Iron and kill him.

Equipment: Emulator obtained an assault rifle from killing Saeki and several other guards which he used to kill the unnamed guard. He still had it when fighting the guard with the sigil but presumably abandoned it.