Alexei Bergenikov (アレクセイ・ベルジェンニコフ), more commonly known as Danjou (ダンジョウ), is the leader of the Danjou Boxing Club.


Danjou is a large man with pale blue eyes and short blonde hair that's shaved on the sides. He is usually shown wearing a white sleeveless keikogi and a dark belt.


Danjou is an upright and honorable man. Not liking the Darwin's Game's system of killing, he used his special privilege he earned from an event to set up a martial arts battle system that the clan could use instead of actually killing people. He is also strict, expelling Inukai for challenging Sudou Kaname without permission. Despite being Russian, he refers to himself as Danjou because he likes Japan.


Wall Iron (金剛羅刹(ウォールアイアン)): Wall Iron allows Danjou to make his skin harder than tungsten.

Skilled Martial Artist: Danjou is a skilled fighter. He originally worked as a bodyguard for a Russian mafia and later began training under Liu Xuelan.

Immense Strength: Danjou is able to lift a huge block of stone with his bare hands.


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