Clans (クラン) are groups that Darwin's Game players can create in order to work together or use clan functions.


To form a clan, the clan leader must be at least rank B2. There is no member count requirement, as Kanehira Hideaki was in his own clan by himself. A clan can either be a place for like minded individuals to gather, like Sunset Ravens, or a group that exists for people to take advantage of, like the clan Olive Tree, which solo players could join simply to use clan services.

Clans have special versions of shelters known as clan shelters which they can release to non members. Clan shelter function the same way as normal shelters but are limited to the corresponding clan's territory.


Name Status
AGE Lab Active
Black Lotus Unknown
Cerberus Active
Danjou Boxing Club Active
Eighth Disbanded
Evilest Evolution Association Unknown
Hate Bears Unknown
Icy Crown Active
Kanehira Insurance Union Disbanded
Kuchinawakai Active
Olive Tree Active
Saigou Group Active
Sunset Ravens Active
Trinity Active
Twin Head Shark Active
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