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Ayanokouji Kaito (綾小路 海斗), also known as Ayatsuji (アヤツジ), is a police superintendent.


Kaito has neatly slicked back black hair. He wears a white button up shirt, dark colored suit coat and pants, and a necktie.


As a former member of the police force and current government employee, Kaito does whatever possible to try to investigate the Darwin's Game, even if it means disobeying police rules, allowing other officers to die, or using his sigil to "convince" his superiors, stating that they wouldn't be able to win the fight if they refused to dirty themselves. He attempts to have Sunset Ravens help him from time to time and will leak information to them, such as when they discussed the recent FBI operation and the location of the Darwin's Game against World Line O.


Peace Maker (強制執行(ピースメーカー)): Peace Maker allows Kaito to brainwash others and make them obey his orders.