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Amagasa (天笠) was Hiiragi Suzune's doctor.


Amagasa had medium length hair. She wore a dark shirt, pants, and a white doctor's coat.


As a doctor, Amagasa acted concerned for her patients and their well being. In actuality, she didn't care to save lives, but rather enjoyed taking them, stating that people's souls shone beautifully when they resisted death. She became frustrated when Sunset Ravens began their Darwin's Game ban, causing her to resort to cultivating. She had no interest in points, telling Maesaka Ryuuji that if she wanted money she'd just work for it. Even after she defeated, she refused to give up, which proved to be her downfall as she was unable to lie to Ryuuji.


Asclepius (万能薬(アスクレピオス)): Asclepius allowed Amagasa to create chemical substances from nothing within a 30 centimeter radius of herself. She had been shown to create propofol, napalm made from certain substances, chemicals that remove body limitations, and various types of gases.

Martial Arts: Amagasa is shown to use martial arts, as she threw Hiiragi Suzune when the girl tried to stab her.